Quality life comes with having a good home.

A good home to call your home with pride and a heart filled with joy. This season we are proud to see people experience yet again another joyful yuletide season with their family and friends.

We imagine a world not just a nation or community having the same amazing experience every day of their lives building beautiful memories. We continue to stay true to our mission and building that very environment that builds beautiful memories.

Ever dreamt of investing in real estate?

There are countless number of people going into real estate from across the globe either as an investor or an agent. We place laser-focus eyes in designing and building modern homes with great aesthetics equipped with quality utilities. We believe our real estate projects cutting across West Africa would put a dashing smile on your face.

One question we usually get is:

How much does real estate cost?

At Moahz, real estate opportunities are affordable with quality standards being maintained. You can contact us to spark up that conversation.

Real estate continues to remain one of the most profitable investments in Nigeria as well as in other parts of the world. We deal in the following real estate investments with a strong track record of success with over 16 projects completed and others ongoing – including that outside the Nigerian border:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

We go beyond designing and constructing your homes. Moahz Engineering & Project Management Ltd is a fully integrated. The subsidiary covers planning, development, construction, and management revolving under residential, commercial, and industrial projects among others. Our designs continue to meet modern demands with the touch of exceptional talents making sure measurement and style meet originality and creativity.

Let us know what you want 😊

  • Resident(s)
  • Science, Education, Sports buildings
  • Medical institution
  • Embassy
  • Municipal housing estates
  • High-rise buildings