Whether in Africa, Asia, America, Europe, Middle East, or the Commonwealth of Australia, you can become one of the richest real estate investors in the world.

At Moahz Group, an Oil/Gas firm with proficiency in real estate investments, engineering/construction and procurement among others, we believe in starting with one nation at a time. We believe in starting with you.

Just before we dive into how you can become one of the most successful real estate investors — wherever you’re reading this blog, check out the stories of some of the top richest real estate investors we researched on:

Donald Bren is the first we’d like to start with.

Bren became one of the wealthiest persons in the real estate industry in the US through his ownership of Irvine Company in 1996 which controlled about 93,000 acres of land in Southern California, known as Irvine Ranch. He later bought a large stake in 1977.

As of 2020, the company boast of a portfolio of over 115 million square feet of real estate, mainly in Southern California, including 550 office buildings and 125 apartment complexes.

Bren’s success story skyrocketed as he owned dozens of retail centers, a coastal resort, a number of hotels, golf courses, and of course marinas.

You bet that’s quiet some real estate money, as he at some time worth $15.5 billion!

Next, Sun Hongbin.

There’s quite a number of Crazy Rich Asians investing in real estate. But you really don’t have to be crazily rich to start. So, here’s the story of Hongbin — although now an American citizen. What if we tell you that this man’s wealth came entirely from real estate investments? He founded Sunac China Holdings, which is one of China’s largest real estate developers, placing focus on large scale, medium- to high-end residential properties development. He didn’t stop there.

The company grew to acquire Wanda Group landing the second-largest real estate deal in China’s history for $9.3 billion in 2017.

Like we said you don’t have to be crazily rich to invest in real estate. Here’s a story a lot can relate with for our last case of study – the story of Igor Olenicoff.

Young Olenicoff, left former Soviet Union for US with a dream of becoming rich. And somehow, he did it. It took Olenicoff an investment in real estate to achieve his wealthy dream. Titled after his name, Olen Properties, his company, owns over 8 million square feet of office space and 15,000 residential units.

Moahz Group diversified into the real estate industry as one of its subsidiaries with an impressive record for over a decade. With partner-investment opportunities at Moahz Group which is being channeled into our integrated operations, we’ve been able to provide opportunities for individual real estate investors/partners to grow financially with our consistent and impressive ROIs.

So, How Can You Become 1 Of The Richest Real Estate Investors In The World?

Start by partnering with us now.